Creative design &
Web development.

Original and well-developed concepts make the difference between normal and perfect communication with your customers.

A tantalizing design attracts attention, radiates quality and seduces. Studio Mayday helps you with this at an affordable price. Studio Mayday is a professional design agency located in the south of The Netherlands. The agency was founded in 2005 by Dave Stevens. Creative Designer with over 20 years of experience and a broad network of specialists such as copywriters, photographers and printers.


Studio Mayday offers you the following services:

– Creative design

– Web development / WordPress

– 2D animations

– Content creation

– Printing guidance

Web development / WordPress

Studio Mayday realizes a completely custom-made website for you. The creation of your website involves several steps. After it is clear what the desired objectives are, a schematic design is first made (wireframe) about how the website should function and which elements should be included. A graphic design of the entire website is then made based on this wireframe. A beautiful picture alone is of course not enough. We also look at the website usability and user experience. The final design is then converted into a beautiful and user-friendly website.

Creative design

Creative design shapes information in text and images through media. Studio Mayday visualizes your wishes and ideas from concept to end product, both digitally and hard copy. We develop tailor-made new creative concepts together with you.


Printing Guidance

Which paper is actually most suitable for this assignment? Matte, MC Matte, or Coated Paper? Ironed or uncoated? 135, 170 or 250 grams? Not every design is suitable for every material. Do we assume 4 color printing (CMYK) or would it be nicer to use 2 PMS colors? And what is the price difference? Studio Mayday is happy to help its customers make the right choices and, if desired, can take over the entire printing process for you. Think of: corporate identity printed matter, posters, magazines, flyers, brochures, banners, roll banners, promotional gifts, etc.