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André Rieu

André Rieu is a musical phenomenon like no other, a true King of Romanticism. He sold more than 40 million CDs and DVDs worldwide and topped the charts 30 times. Together with his 60-strong Johann Strauss Orchestra (the largest private orchestra in the world), André provided a revival of waltz music, combined with spectacular, unparalleled extravaganza.

The activities for André Rieu Productions bv include: Graphic design, web design, web development, illustrative, animation.

Het Smalste Stukje Nederland in Beeld

Book design for ‘Het Smalste Stukje Nederland’ (Gemeente Echt-Susteren). In this 112-page book, Gemeente Echt-Susteren is beautifully portrayed by theme-based images: Cultural-history, Sustainability, Hospitality, Social cohesion, Accessibility. The book is laid out in a standing version to emphasize ‘Het Smalste Stukje…’.

Gemeente Echt-Susteren

There is a place in Limburg where you can walk from Belgium to Germany in a short time. A piece of the Netherlands with extensive nature reserves and that at a width of only 4.8 km. Echt-Susteren is located here, between Central and South Limburg.

For years now, we have been providing various external and internal communications for Gemeente Echt-Susteren, ranging from: Corporate identity printed matter, websites for events / projects, roll-up banners, advertisements, flags, bus shelters, merchandise, folder material, walking and cycling route descriptions, maps, etc.

Hyarchis Digital Designs

Hyarchis has been supporting its customers with data management solutions for more than 30 years. Their product portfolio consists of a wide range of data management solutions with more than 500 customers and 55,000 users across Europe. We have been able to make various digital and interactive expressions for Hyarchis in recent years.

Centauros construction

Website made for Centauros construction. Centauros construction takes on thatched roof projects as a subcontractor.

André Rieu – Personality Quiz

Custom made Personality Quiz for André Rieu in 5 languages. Made use of HTML – CSS – Javascript – jQuery. Waltzes are a mirror of life. Like humans, they come in many varieties. From sad to uplifting, from exciting to glamorous or even sad and uplifting at the same time. If you were a waltz, which waltz would you be?

Het Smalste Stukje

Cycling, walking and golfing in the rustic environment full of nature and culture in the culinary south. Close to beautiful cities such as Aachen and Maastricht. That is ‘Het Smalste Stukje Nederland’.

To promote this unique part of the Netherlands, we have been making various advertisements for years, ranging from: Rollup banners, advertisements, flags, bus shelters, merchandise, brochure material, walking and cycling route descriptions, maps, etc.

Servicecentrum MER

The municipalities are increasingly being given tasks from the national and provincial government. The quality requirements of the residents are also increasing, they want to be helped quickly and accurately. More and more small municipalities are working together to meet these requirements. Maasgouw, Echt-Susteren and Roerdalen work together in ‘Servicecentrum MER’.

For ‘Servicecenter MER’ we have been making various advertising and internal communication expressions for years, ranging from: Corporate identity printed matter, roll-up banners, advertisements, flags, lettering, brochures, etc.

Fixi app campagne

Everyone makes use of the public space in the municipality. Together we keep roads and paths, green areas and park furniture tidy. Do you see something that is broken, not properly maintained or something that doesn’t belong somewhere? Then make a report via the online platform Fixi.

Based on this message, an illustrative campaign has been set up for the Fixi app.